Fruit Juices. Drink Mixes. Backed by Excellent Customer Service for More Than 34 Years.

Crafting Exquisitely Flavored Juices and Custom Drink Mixes

Are you looking for refreshing, tasty beverages? Do you want to work with a reliable supplier of juices and drink mixes? Sun Country (North) LLC may be your answer. For over 34 years, Sun Country, through its Sunny Farms brand, has taken care of the juice and juice cocktail requirements of bar supply, foodservice and cash-and-carry distributors by providing high quality products backed by great customer service.

Building on that experience, for the past 12 years, Sun Country has supplied the private label drink mix requirements of a specialty retail chain on a nationwide basis, thereby expanding our product capabilities from regular juices to specialty drink mixes and our distribution capabilities from the foodservice segment to the retail segment.

The Sunny Farms brand consists of a complete line of natural fruit juice flavors without preservatives or artificial substances. And we are also capable of developing formulas for various beverages and mixes according to specific customer requirements, as well as, manage the entire supply chain to manufacture and distribute the products.

We invite you to check out our products and services on the following pages and encourage you to get in touch with us for your juice, beverage and drink mix requirements.

Our Mission

Our aim is to develop, make, and sell high-quality juices and drink mixes efficiently so that our customers need only place an order and focus on other aspects of managing their businesses. When you turn to us, you can expect that your juices and drink mixes will be managed according to your specific needs.

How We Started

Our original company was established in 1984, leveraging past experience in packaged consumer goods. Our corporate name may be Sun Country (North) LLC., but our friends and partners know us as Sunny Farms.


12/16oz Sunny Farms Orange Juice


12/32oz Sunny Farms Cranberry Juice Cocktail


32oz Sunny Farms Bloody Mary Mix


Why Choose Us

We have many years of experience in supply chain management. From development and procurement, to manufacturing, storage, and shipping products nationwide, our team can handle the entire process.

Work With Us

We are looking for more private label partnerships!  Call or send us a message today via SMS or email for more information. Just as we did more than 12 years ago for a nationwide grocery chain, we’ll gladly develop and make products that will specifically target the needs of your customers.